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First published in 1988 as an expanded version of a book commissioned by the World Bank in Washington DC, this book provided an introduction to the principles and practice of refrigeration, and a history of the transport of frozen and chilled produce from the days of "ice and sawdust" to present-day sophisticated methods of temperature control.

It contained sections on the preservation and transport of perishable foodstuffs, the development and technology of the refrigerated container, the logistics of container terminals and transport, a description of international standards and regulations, and a detailed study of the banana trade.

The book was welcomed by libraries, universities and trade organisations as a valuable resource.

In 1999, ten years later, a revised edition has been published by Witherby and Company of London. The major developments and changes in the transport of fresh produce are described as well as the problems involved in the industry's need to face up to the environmental considerations of global warming and pollution of the ozone layer.

The three main issues addressed by the new edition are:

(a) genetic engineering;

(b) controlled and modified atmosphere systems;

(c) environmental considerations.

The book, Second edition ISBN 1 85609 185 6, at a cover price of 30 sterling, may be purchased from:

Witherby & Co. Limited, 32-36 Aylesbury Street, London EC1R 0BT.  Telephone +44 020 7251 5341  Fax +44 020 7251 1296