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Part V - Resources 

[Madam, I milk many cows, but the cheese is my own.    - Charles Reade]


There are a large number of publications available, in hard print and electronically, which will help you to learn more about writing your book, publishing your book, and marketing your book.  While at no time have we directly quoted any text, we have drawn heavily on the material in researching this pamphlet and wish to express our debt to those authors who have been helpful.  We also apologise to the writers and publishers whose works may have been overlooked here, and in such case, if they would let us have details, we will be happy to update this electronic version of our pamphlet and include them in any revised issue of the hard copy.


Essential Resources

The Writers' and Artists' Yearbook [A & C Black]

The Writers' Handbook [Macmillan]

Book Data Ltd
        Globe House
        1 Chertsey Road, Twickenham TW1 1LR

Whitaker Information Service, 

        Woolmead House West
        Bear Lane, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7LG

        Tel: +44 (0) 1252742525
        Fax: +44 (0) 1252742526


Useful Resources

Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society

        14-18 Holborn, London EC1N 2LE

The Booksellers Association

        272 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 1BA


Further Resources

The Society of Authors

The Writers Guild



(Dates in brackets identify the volume consulted and are not necessarily the most recent)

Small Publishers A-Z by Daphne Macara [Pandor House] (1997)

Directory of the Booksellers Association Members [Published annually]

How to Market Books by Alison Baverstock [Kogan Page] (1990)

An Author's Guide to Publishing by Michael Legat [Robert Hale] (1998)

The McGraw-Hill Author's Book (1964)

Marketing for Small Publishers by Bill Godber, Robert Webb and Keith Smith [Journeyman] (1992)

How to Publish a Book by Robert Spicer [How To Books] (1995)

Breaking into Print by Denise Brinig and Jan Woudhuysen [Wildwood House] (1982)

How to Publish Yourself by Peter Finch [Allison and Busby] (1987)

The Book Business by John Baker (self-published in 1971)


Internet resources

(No recommendations or guarantees are given for any of these links.  Many of these websites are commercial enterprises who supply a service at a price.  All of these sites, however, provide useful information which may be read in conjunction with and additional to the information provided in the internet edition of this pamphlet.)


Some of my internet friends

(The previous group of websites are resources that are personally unknown to me - here now are links to friends and associates who have been helpful to me.) 

(This is Trevor Lockwoods amazing website.  Why amazing?  Because it contains so many entries and leads that even its creator, Trevor himself, confesses to being unable to count them all.  Trevor was involved with me in that early initiative at the Society of Authors and has moved on very creatively since.)

(Sue Kendrick here offers an excellent service to all writers, aspirant authors, and those searching for the tools and the outlets of the writers trade.  She publishes an excellent monthly newsletter full of tips, introductions, and suggestions.  She also regularly publicises my own developments - but that, of course, has nothing to do with my recommendation!)

John Owen Smiths excellent service is described in Part VI of this brochure.



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