Publishing your book  

Part I - Questionnaire  

[The trouble with the publishing business is that too many people who have half a mind to write a book do so.    William Targ]


You are writing or have written a book.  You believe it is something the world has been waiting to read. Or at least that section of it which reads the type of book that you are writing.


Of course, you may not want to publish your book.  Perhaps you cannot contemplate with equanimity the idea that other eyes will gaze upon the words you have lovingly crafted.  Perhaps it is too autobiographical; too embarrassingly personal for you to share; it is perhaps intended only for posthumous publication.


If so, read no further.  Our advice will be of little help to you.


But we think that the majority of writers believe they have something to say that is worth disseminating.  If you are one of them, what route might you take to ensure the greatest prospect of successful publication?


Heres a questionnaire that may help you to find your own answer.


1.  What do you want to publish?

        Is it a work of fiction?

        Is it biographical or autobiographical (i.e. memoirs)?

        Is it a work of poetry?

        Is it a form of drama?

        Is it educational?

        Does it involve detailed research?

        Are there (many) similar books available?  If so, what makes yours unique?


2.  Why do you want to publish?

        Are you hoping to make money?

        Do you want to interest, influence, disturb, or enrage your readers?

        Do you simply want the satisfaction of seeing your work in print?


3.  Who do you see as your major audience?

              How will you reach your audience?


4.  How much time will you have available

        To research your material?

        To devote to the writing?

        To devote to editing, revising, rewriting?

        To devote to market research?

        To spend on marketing?


5.  Do you expect to have illustrations or graphical material in the book?

        Will you provide this yourself?

        Do you have someone who will do it?

        Will illustrative material require to be in colour?


6.  How will you prepare the manuscript?

        Do you have a word processor/skills?

        Are you able to provide material desk-top published?

         Do you have your own secretarial resource or would one need to be found?


7.  How do you research your publishing ideas? 

        What similar books are in the bookshop?  The library?

        What sort of covers and cover design do they have?

         What size of book seems most appropriate?

         What length of book is best?  Does the subject support

        the length of book you have produced?

        What price seems to be appropriate for this size/type of book?


      Put your answers alongside these questions and refer to them when reading through the remainder of this pamphlet.



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