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CML is the marketing organisation of which ASPEN is the publishing subsidiary.

CML has a range of products available for sale, all of which are in some way associated with publishing, in the form of books, videos, cassettes, CDs and games, mainly within the areas of self-development, complementary practice, and "mind, body and spirit" activities. There are also available some "remaindered" copies of Joseph Sinclair's earlier published works on aspects of transport history: Refrigerated Transportation and Arteries of War.

Here are some of the currently available products.
(Prices quoted apply to UK only.  Purchasers elsewhere, please contact us for prices)

A Start in Art - by Alan Crowe

Offered at 9.00 including p&p. (Published price 10.50) 

The Chrysalid Years - by Abigail Freeman

Offered at 8.50 including p&p.  (Published at 9.99)

The Torturous Scheme - by Joseph Sinclair

Offered at 5.50 including p&p.  (Published at 6.95)

An ABC of NLP - by Joseph Sinclair with additional material by Stephen Bray

Offered at 6.50 including p&p.  (Published at 7.95)

Peace of Mind is a Piece of Cake - by Michael Mallows and Joseph Sinclair, with illustrations by Yaron Livay.

Offered at 7.50 including p&p.  (Published at 8.99)

Homage to Hope - by Lynn Carneson-McGregor

Special price on application

The Inner Quest game - by Lynn McGregor

Special price on application

The Power to Use NLP - by Michael Mallows - a collection of previously published articles linking NLP with a range of other concepts, techniques and schools of thought. 

Special price on application

Power2 cassettes by Michael Mallows: The Power to Relax, The Power to Reduce Anxiety, The Power to Love Yourself

Special prices on application

Art by Dorin

Contact us for special offers.


Refrigerated Transportation - by Joseph Sinclair. Published at 25, we have a number of copies available at 10 each plus 1 for postage and packing.

Arteries of War - by Joseph Sinclair. Published at 18.95, we have a number of copies available at 10 each plus 1 for postage and packing.

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