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SYLVIE'S BLOG from Spain
It's cold and raining here. I had to put the fire on again as temperatures dropped to 40 after days at 70-80. Torrential rain took out the power supply for 18 hours although there are wind turbines, hydro-electric dams, fields of solar panels and a nuclear power station all supposed to be supplying this area.

Meanwhile, the price of electricity has increased by 80% in 4 years, and cost 509 euros this winter. (A quarter of that is VAT).

I went to Tarragona yesterday to buy a new wood-burning stove for my little bungalow. I priced a very basic one called a salamander locally at over 1,000 euros, but got this lovely tall, narrow, corner model with glass door, top oven and all its flues and fittings for under 300. It is called the Dublin ! There really isn't anywhere to put it in my tiny Tardis, so it is now time for another bout of creative thinking, making holes in walls, moving furniture, and generally making a great mess all over again.

Meanwhile, there are tiny cucumbers and tomatoes growing in the garden with Sharon fruit, cherries, apricots, nectarines, peaches and my first Bramley apples. We are already eating this year's broad beans, spinach, lettuce, radish and spring onions.

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Three times recently I have had to tell kind folk who have felt it necessary to apologise for criticism that "There is no such thing as negative feedback".

The only negative feedback is no feedback.

Please let us know what you don't like!  While we enjoy praise, we learn far more from criticism than from puffery.


Went to see The God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza at the Bromley Little Theatre.  Was a bit disappointed that none of my family were apparently involved in production or performance.  No need for worry.  Daughter Caroline had provided the dessert (prop).  It did unfortunately cause one of the players to vomit violently, almost spraying the front row.  But I was assured this was part of the plot!

The play was hilarious, very well acted, and right up to the BLT standards I have come to expect.  It resonated somewhat, for me, with Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf in its demonstration of how shallow is civilized conduct when evidenced by couples facing a situation that lays bare a veneer of polished behaviour.


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Issue 01


Reflections, Actions and Prospects


After the excitement of the London Book Fair, activities have settled down to a more mundane level   The amount of activity, however, has risen dramatically.

Not only have we had to deal with the enquiries we received at the Fair, and the need to publicise what was experienced there, but we have obligated ourselves to provide a service to both suppliers and readers that is giving our dentures much hard work.

Potential Unleashed, at least, is up and running and has received welcome plaudits. Generally readers have welcomed this blog-like initiative of a forum that will appear regularly between issues of the quarterly Nurturing Potential.


We have opened our left-hand column to any of our friends and associates (the categories are not mutually exclusive!) who wish to post news, either original or reproduced from blogs posted elsewhere.  Our first candidate has been Sylvia Farley, who is our contributing editor in the area of Ecology and the Environment. 

The column is not restricted to just one blogger.  Please share your news and views with our readers and your friends.  (Again, these are not mutually exclusive )

We are devoting the right hand column to details of all the books we have received for review as well as hoping to whet your appetites by listing the books received that are actually with reviewers for the next issue of Nurturing Potential.  We also feature some reviews already received, either in their entirety or in summary form, prior to being repeated or given in full in Nurturing Potential.

We have also opened this column for our contributors and editorial board members to let you to let you know what they are up to - below the heading Team News.


On the stocks and in the pending folder are the following intentions for the June issue of Nurturing Potential:

Beliefs:  We have the article Talisman from Amelia  May Kingston.

Business: We continue our examination of brain-storming and mind-mapping.

Culture: Dependency Theory - Where is it Now?

Further content will be announced in the next issue of Potential Unleashed.  In the meantime please consider where you might be able to provide material in the areas of Therapy, Language and Linguistics, Health and Fitness, The Arts, Verse, Third Age, or - indeed - anything else that takes your (and hopefully will take our) fancy.


If you would like to collaborate with us, please get in touch with Joe Sinclair via contact details at the foot of this page.


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The following books have been received for review.  Please advise if you are interested.
Kierkegaard Exposition and Critique by Daphne Hampson Click here for details


Titles that have been ordered for review in the June issue of Nurturing Potential are the following:

Dutch - Biography of a Language by Roland Willemyns

Rhetoric: A Very Short Introduction by Richard Toye

Coaching and Mentoring by Simon Western

Coaching Understood by Elaine Cox

Encyclopedia of the Mind by Harold Pashler

Cultural Sociology of Divorce by Robert E. Emery

Encyclopedia of Lifestyle Medicine and Health by James M. Rippe

Psychology of Close Relationships by Harry T. Reis




A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about Coaching and Mentoring by Bob Garvey.  Reviewed by Julie Hay. Click here .


The following is a short introduction to the full review to be included in the June issue of Nurturing Potential

Dutch - Biography of a Language by Roland Willemyns.  Reviewer Joseph Sinclair.  Click here for details


The following is a short review as a foretaste of the full review to be included in the June issue of Nurturing Potential

Researching Gender by Christina Hughes.  Reviewer Sylvia Farley Click here for details





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