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Snapshots at an Exhibition

Some of my more interesting and useful encounters from the London Book Fair at Earls Court, April 15-18, 2013


I was delighted to meet Deborah Shine on the Star Bright Books stand.  Originally from Cape Town (a South African accent she has still not lost after half a century) via London to her current base in Cambridge, Massachusetts where she publishes children's books in almost 30 languages.  Given the enormous multi-ethnicity of the USA, some of the designs providing e.g. Spanish-speaking mothers with the ability to learn the English equivalents while teaching their babies, were truly impressive.


As a bibliophile (nay! bibliomaniac would be more accurate) since supping my mother's milk, I was impressed by the quality and range of the Collector's Library series from CRW Publishing Ltd.  Beautiful small books very modestly priced, and I totally enjoyed my chat with Editorial Director Marcus Clapham.  


Maintaining the theme of my enchantment with quality of design and beauty of appearance, I was drawn to the stand of Murdoch Books, an Australian-based publisher, where I met Jordan Weaver, their PR and Marketing Manager to discuss out planned expansion into the area of lifestyle. 


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The re-launch of the Nurturing Potential online magazine was officially announced at the London Book Fair on April 15, 2013.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please get in touch with Joe Sinclair via contact details at the foot of this page.

We have also decided to produce a supplementary blog, and this we have tentatively named Potential Unleashed.

Whereas Nurturing Potential is envisaged as a quarterly, Potential Unleashed will appear as and when we wish to report current news of our friends (contributors, subscribers, or whatever), trailers of forthcoming articles or planned series, as "appetite-whetters", as well as Book Reviews that may, or may not, subsequently appear also in Nurturing Potential.

A major decision has been to broaden the base of NP interests.  Thus we plan to devote sections of the magazine to Lifestyle, Culture, The Arts and Ecology.  We are looking for contributors in these areas.  If you are interested, or know of anyone who may be, please get in touch

Amongst the plans we have for the next and/or later issues is a series of articles based on the use of various models for the development of creative ideas.  For example, the evolution of a plot and the subsequent writing of a work of fiction.  We might start, for instance, with a brainstorming session, followed by mind mapping, and then use the transtheoretical model of change in order to move the plot along and keep it congruent with an individual's response to changing circumstances.  We might use examples and constructs from Assistant Editor Michael Mallows' Creating Convincing Characters initiative, or his CRAFTY concept.  The project is only limited by our own imagination and - at the end of it - who knows? - there may be a best-seller.

This ties in also with the introductory article From Brain Storming to Mind Mapping in the specimen issue.

One idea that has been suggested is for the title It Happened Tomorrow to the be focal point of the Mind Map.  Another idea was Old Men Fart - but this latter was more in the way of jest!


At the London Book Fair, contact was re-established with the following academic publishers with a view to being once more included on their reviewers' lists:

     Sage Publishing

     Oxford University Press

     Crown House Publishing

     Routledge (Taylor & Francis)

     Cambridge University Press



Want to nurture potential?  Try a Little Theatre.

Some of my [Joe Sinclair's] more enjoyable experiences recently have been attending productions at the Little Theatre in Bromley, Kent.  I've been fortunate in that one branch of my family is very much involved in this facility - in various roles: acting, directing, set-building, stage management (variously undertaken by son-in-law and grand-daughter) and cake-making (my daughter's contribution to the wellbeing of on-stage and back-stage personnel).

I decided to dig into this "little theatre" phenomenon a bit deeper and came up with the following (reproduced in part from the Little Theatre Guild website):

"The Little Theatre Guild, now known as the LTG, has been in existence since 1946 to represent the views of Amateur theatres across the UK. Our membership extends throughout the UK, plus  some overseas locations. In particular membership of the LTG is open only to those amateur theatres that own or lease the theatre premises upon which productions are mounted. . .

"We currently have in excess of 103 member theatres right across the United Kingdom, ranging from 64 seat auditorium up to 450 seat auditorium. This includes theatres that present only four plays per year to those that present a continuous repertoire. In the last year LTG theatres presented over 850 productions to an audience in excess of 630,000 patrons."

I hope to persuade one or more of the aforementioned family members to produce an article on "The role of the Little Theatres (and my roles in them)" for the next issue of Nurturing Potential.





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