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This page is not yet complete.  Only part of the first two plays and some of Your Humble Investigator have been added.

The plays were written for television and were originally prepared as TV film scripts.  The scripts have been expanded here to make them more accessible to readers who do not, of course, have the benefit of seeing the live action, but some TV directions have been retained, principally where they assist in understanding the passage of time.  Thus "MIX" conveys the information that some time has passed in the change from one scene to the next, while "CUT" informs the reader that the scenes are taking place simultaneously.

The following short glossary of technical terms may be of help.

FADE IN and FADE OUT picture gradually appears and disappears

DISSOLVE similar to fade, used between scenes

LAP DISSOLVE fading in steps rather than smoothly

MIX similar to dissolve; fading one image and bringing up another

CUT instantaneous switching from one scene to another

TRACK to move the camera backwards or forwards

SUPERIMPOSE to overlay a scene with another scene or captions

PAN to swivel the camera horizontally

Now Another Day

Account Rendered

No Contract For Love

The Pit Digger

The Bahrat Tender

Your Humble Investigator