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(From left) son Philip, self, son-in-law Tony, grand-daughter Jessica, daughter Caroline.     Picture was taken in Leadhills, Scotland in 1987 where, at that time I owned a cottage.

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(From left) sister Doreen, her son (my nephew) David, daughter Emily, self, son's partner Gail and their daughter Hannah. Picture was taken in daughter Caroline's garden on occasion of party to celebrate my 70th birthday.

[This section was added in 2005]  Much joy derives from my family.  Elder daughter Caroline (married to Tony) and grand-daughter Jessica; younger daughter Emily (and partner Mike); son Philip, his partner Gail, and their two daughters Hannah and Sarah.

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 Hannah and Sarah  Philip and Gail Mike and Emily Caroline, Jessica and Tony

[And the following section is being added in November 2009, comprising some shots taken at the family photo-shoot prior to my 80th birthday celebrations]


Hannah, Sarah, Jamie, Philip

Entire Family

Hannah, Edit, Philip, Sarah



Hannah, Jessica, Sarah

Tony & Caroline

Mike, Emily & Jamie

[And the next section is being added in March 2012, and comprises some pictures of the most recent grandchild Katie]


Jamie and Katie Jamie's Fifth Jess & Katie Katie-Me-Jamie


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