Being published in April 2013 by Oxford University Press in Hardback format with a cover price of 25.


  • A clear introduction to Kierkegaard, giving a detailed exposition of seven major works, of interest also to Kierkegaard scholars in drawing attention to little discussed material
  • Explains the philosophical, theological, and historical context of his writings, weaving in relevant biographical details from his life to present an engaging picture of the thinker
  • Dialogues with and critiques Kierkegaard's authorship, interfacing his thought with that of others of his time and posing vital questions from a twenty-first century perspective
  • Highlights the frequently overlooked Lutheran context of Kierkegaard's thought world, which provided a structure that he both took for granted and significantly developed
  • Provides a time line through key publications and events in Kierkegaard's life, taking major works sequentially and setting them in the context of wider historical ideas and movements
  • Published to mark the bicentenary of Kierkegaard's birth in 2013