My purpose [says Lynn McGregor] is to work with anybody who is seriously committed to spiritual development. My role is to support and help each person find their own ways in the journey of the soul. On my own path I have found working with certain basic components extremely important, and they form much of the basis of my work. These components are:

bulletCelebrating Life. Working with Love.
bulletLiving with Paradox (Life/Death, Acceptance/Perfection)
bulletBeing Creative
bulletBeing true to oneself and others. Tapping Inner Wisdom.
bulletDeveloping quality of response and contact with people.
bulletListening, seeing and hearing.
bulletLiving simultaneously in the past, present and future.
bulletDeveloping life path disciplines: meditation, physical awareness, emotional expression and control/design of time, energy and space.
bulletStripping Illusions.
bulletAppreciating different states of consciousness and ways of being.
bulletOwning our shadow and our own pain. Facing the depths; fear, death and our capacities for destruction. Dealing with our inner and outer tyrants.
bulletAffirming values, rights and boundaries; questioning beliefs; reframing; letting go, forgiving, permitting; seeing the funny side.
bulletConnecting with and being in Harmony with the Essence of Nature and Life Force Energy. This includes Sexual Energy.
bulletConceiving, creating and Dancing your Dream awake.
bulletWalking your talk. Creating good results in your life.
bulletDeveloping disciplines and well-being necessary for a spiritual warrior.


The Inner Quest Game is based on American Indian teachings. Lynn McGregor was inspired to design it as a "give away" to express her appreciation for what she learned from American Indians. She is particularly grateful for the time spent with Wallace Black Elk in America and England, and with him and his family in Colorado and Oregon. She also learnt a great deal from the teachings of Harvey Swift Deer through Leo Rutherford.

The purpose of the Game is to help each person in a profound way to follow a quest of fundamental importance to them. Through the Medicine Wheel and other teachings, they can explore how different aspects of themselves and life in general can relate to what they are working on. The game is versatile and can be played by one or twentypeople. If it is played by a group of people, it is a highly enjoyable way of being part of a tribe and experiencing American Indian ways of being together. The Game is intended to stretch people personally and interpersonally. It has been said to be profoundly challenging and joyful at the same time.

An essential part of the teachings is to learn to dance your dream awake, or "walk your talk". It is about the power of Spirit and the importance of listening with the heart. The game can only be played by those who are prepared to speak their Truth and then have the courage to follow their path in total trust.

The Game can be played for a few hours or many days. If it is led by Lynn McGregor it is conducted as a sacred ceremony and, if appropriate, with the help of the Chanupa: the sacred pipe. Purification, singing and music are an integral part of the work, and participants are invited to bring musical instruments.


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